"Trike. Unique across the sky excursion."

The sky may be conquered only by the brave. Sure you have audacity to decide to hang-glide! A flight on a trike is comparable with a flight of a bird. During the flight, you will evidence an incredible sense of power, being all alone with the sky.  The air walk will allow you to soar along with the birds over the fluffy carpet of forests, overtaking the clouds and soaring to the very sun, freeing from the boredom of everyday life and home problems.
Another brainchild of aeronautics is a hang glider. It is a handy apparatus designed for two people - a pilot and a passenger. So, it can be used by a novice who will contemplate the beauty of the landscape, while an experienced instructor controls the flight. A short take-off - and a hang-glider, piloted by a professional pilot, raises a member into the air.  Due to its lightness, streamlining and power of the engine, a trike can in a matter of seconds break away from the ground and gain altitude.  It sounds exciting, because it is not an often chance for us to see our Riga from the height of the bird's flight! Hang gliding will help to conduct a unique across the sky excursion. Flight on a hang-glider will deliver an incredible aesthetic pleasure and will give a lot of pleasant emotions!

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