Frequently Asked Questions

How dangerous is it to fly a trike?

Danger is present not only in flights, but also in sailing on a ship, driving a car / riding a motorcycle. There are certain rules i.e. safety rules and operational characteristics of an aircraft. If you do not...

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Classification of trikes

By its purpose, the trike can be classified into the following groups:

Sports and amateur trikes for pleasure flying; they are characterized by a variety of designs and can have significant limitations;

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Layout of trikes

At all stages of development of trikes, various schemes and arrangements were encountered. They can be divided into two groups. The first group includes trikes, which take-off due to run-up the pilot. Advantages of the vehicles of this group are...

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From the history of trikes

In the 70s of the XX century hang gliding, experiencing a period of rapid development, in a short time became a popular sport. The secret of success is primarily in the simple design and unique flight performance of aircraft. But hang-gliders...

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A trike is a motor ultralight aircraft. Trike is designed on the basis of hang-glider and has inherited from its predecessors many elements of the design and manufacturing technology. The hang-glider wing is used to create a lifting force, and a...

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