Frequently Asked Questions

How dangerous is it to fly a trike?

Danger is present not only in flights, but also in sailing on a ship, driving a car / riding a motorcycle. There are certain rules i.e. safety rules and operational characteristics of an aircraft. If you do not violate these rules, if you do not fly in critical modes, then the degree of risk is very small.

How to transport a trike?

It all depends on the size. Some trikes can fit in the trunk of the car, but more often a trailer is required. The wing is folded into a package 2 - 4 meters long.

What is the normal length of the runway for a trike?

Of course, the more, the better, but 100-150 m should be enough for take-off and landing. Absence of obstacles is the most important thing after takeoff when climbing and before landing during gliding.

What is the average duration of flight on a trike?

The duration of a flight is largely conditioned by the capacity of fuel tanks and a cargo carried by a trike. On average, 10 litres of fuel is enough for an hour of flight, but this depends on the type of engine. The capacity of the gas tank is 20-50 litres. You can fly together with another person, or alone with an additional fuel tank. The design features of a trike and a payload carried, as well as the speed, i.e. the engine operating mode (fuel consumption) will determine the duration of your flight.

How far can you fly on a trike?

Due to the fact that a horizontal flight depends on the thrust of the engine, the range is determined by the fuel supply on board. The range of the flight is also significantly affected by the headwind/tailwind. If you have 30 litres in the tank, then the average flight will last 3 hours, and at an average speed of 70 km/h in calm the flight range will reach 210 km. From calculations we remove the effect of takeoff weight and wind direction.

At what altitude does the trike fly?

As a rule, the altitude of a circle is 100 m; the altitude of flights in the zone (for making steeper turns, climbs and slides) reaches 200-300 m. If you want to set high-altitude records, you need a trike with a good/powerful engine. There was information that someone was climbing with a passenger for 4500 meters on the ROTAX-582 engine, with a capacity of 64 hp, but it's cold and tedious there.

At what speeds does a trike fly?

It depends on its flight performance. Usually its minimum speed is 45-55 km/h, and the maximum is 90-110 km/h respectively. Balance-speed means a flight that is done with the abandoned trapeze - an average of 55-70 km/h.

What fuel is used for trike engines?

Two-stroke engines require gasoline (76, 92, 95) and oil (special, for two-stroke engines), and alcohol in winter. Four-cylinder engines will need gasoline (92, 95). See engine specifications.

Can I perform aerobatics on a trike?

This question can be asked only by beginners or comers. For the performance of aerobatics, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the aerodynamics and technical characteristics of the aircraft, flight experience. Conventional trikes can make a combat turn, turn with a roll, as well as, downward and upward spirals, eight, nose-diving, zooms. Any elements would require certain height margin!

How to learn to fly a trike?

Usually the training period is two months; everything depends on the intensity, and partly on the weather. The training program includes theory, ground-based training and flights. The training program involves 15 hours of flying time. The study in clubs where there is a tradition of flight safety is recommended. But it all depends on abilities.

How much is a trike?

See characteristics, service life, operating time. For how much you can buy or sell a trike - and for how much can you buy or sell a car?