Flight by plane

Observation flights on airplanes with the possibility of subsequent training. The flights are conducted in double and four-seater aircraft. It could be a two-seat version of Aeroprakt A-22, with only you and the pilot, and a four-seat aircraft Cessna-172.
Such flights are organized for those who want to observe the land through the eyes of birds, being a direct participant in the flight, fly comfortably and fearlessly up to 300 (or 500) meters above Latvia's most beautiful and most interesting places (which are next to each airfield), observe the actions Pilot (if you want to even try a little control), listen to the radio exchange of aircraft and the dispatcher and, after some time, make a soft landing at the airport.
There is no overload, no adrenaline, almost no health restrictions: only beauty, sky and positive emotions. You just want to smile with happiness, from the awareness that right now you were there... You would enjoy excellent observation (not to compare with a sports airplane), comfortable seats and modern headsets with active noise can provide comfort in flight. This is a fabulous gift for those who love exquisite planes!
The four-seat Cessna-172 is even more interesting: One person may take place of the co-pilot on the first row of seats; the other two are placed behind. All the same: excellent observation and comfort, but arranged for three people.