Study trike flights are conducted in fine weather, in the absence of precipitation, in calm or weak wind, not exceeding 5-7 m/s. Most flights are carried out in the morning and in the evening.
Before the flight, you will pass a briefing.
The flight duration is 10 minutes (standard route). During this time, the pilot will take off, gain the height of 200 to 600 meters, you will view the landscapes, have time to enjoy the views, make wonderful photos, and gently land.
If you like, then together with the pilot you can plan an individual route for a longer duration and distance.
Before the flight you will be given a protective helmet and a life jacket.
If you so choose, your flight can be captured in photo/video, which needs to be agreed in advance.
The following flight restrictions are observed:
- People in a state of intoxication are no allowed;
- People weighing more than 120 kg are not allowed;
- Pregnant women are not allowed (for their safety);
- People with a disease of the cardiovascular and nervous system are not allowed.
Before flying you are recommended to consult your family doctor to make sure there are no contraindications.

A pilot performing flight has experience and a large annual number of flying hours.